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13. Difference between `yyyy` and `YYYY` Java date pattern. What is week-based-year?

2022-01-09 java

No matter what application you are working on, it probably somewhere formats dates as String. If you not sure what is the difference between yyyy and ... Read More

11. How to model many possible business results?

2021-11-21 java clean-code pattern-matching

Introduction Method call often returns some result. For example let’s assume we have method which creates new object: Payment. Now imagine ... Read More

10. From Scala to Java. Encapsulate code with inner static classes, interfaces and enums.

2021-11-06 scala java clean-code

Using two languages causes you try to apply some concepts from one language to the other. Scala developers often say they started to commonly use ... Read More

3. Know java.time better

2021-07-18 java

Motivation Recently, when I was implementing system module, I temporarily had used database mocks. Later, when I replaced mocks with real database I ... Read More