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3. Know java.time better

2021-07-18 java

Motivation Recently, when I was implementing system module, I temporarily had used database mocks. Later, when I replaced mocks with real database I ... Read More

2. Hugo on nginx in Docker container

2021-07-03 docker nginx hugo blog-story

Motivation In the last post I described how to set up blog using Hugo engine. When I make some changes (add a new post for example) I need to: ... Read More

1. Run blog with Hugo

2021-06-19 hugo blog-story

GitHub wiki where I’ve published first blog post isn’t the most convenience platform to run a blog. I already have a VPS and HTTP domain ... Read More

0. Hello World...

2021-06-13 welcome blog-story

…again I’ve tried to start a blog several times, but it never worked. I’ve decided to figure out the reason. My hypothesis is that ... Read More