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9. Akka Cluster Sharding - case study

2021-10-17 linkshortener scala akka

Introduction In the previous posts I described concept of linkshortener service, how to implement it with Akka Persistence and how to prepare view ... Read More

8. Akka Projection - case study

2021-09-27 linkshortener scala akka

Motivation In the one of the previous posts I described how to use akka persistence on the example of linkshortener service. It explains how ... Read More

7. Docker multi-stage build

2021-09-19 linkshortener docker

Docker multi-state build allows you to use two (or more) FROM statements in single Dockerfile. Each FROM starts new build stage. The main feature is ... Read More

6. Akka persistence - case study

2021-09-04 linkshortener scala akka

Introduction In the previous post I described linkshortener service concept. This time I am describing how to implement it using akka-persistence. We ... Read More

4. Linkshortener with akka #1 - concept

2021-07-31 linkshortener concept networking api

Motivation All links I have added to tweets are quite long. It would be nice to short them a little. Moreover, Linkshortener is great service to keep ... Read More